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'To Know with Certainty' by Lee Southard

NEW - Great resource for High School and College Students. Know why you believe what you were taught in church. It is OK to question everything you believe. Just don't lock yourself in an Atheistic vacuum to reevaluate your belief system.  Most secular college classes are designed to topple your faith.

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Resources for Prospective College Students

College Search Sites, Scholarship search sites and more.

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How to Find Money for College

Financial Aid

Resources for New Grads

Job Hunting - Find a part time job on line. Put together a resume. Prepare for your first job interview.  Find housing.

New Grads

'University of Destruction' book by David Wheaton

"As many as 50 percent of Christian students say they have lost their  faith after four years in college. Just as surprising, there is little  difference in the faith attrition rate whether at secular or religious  colleges. For far too many, the transition from home-life to campus-life  is traumatic. What begins as a University of Instruction ends up being a  University of Destruction…with long-lasting negative effects and no  guarantee of return."  Source www.thechristianworldview.org

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Collegiate Day of Prayer

The Collegiate Day of Prayer is the last Thursday of every February.

Collegiate Day of Prayer