Financing College Tuition

The Financial Aid Timeline

Many colleges use data from the CSS/Financial Aid Profile. In October begin applying on line for non-federal financial aid at:

In January fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Be aware that many states require additional forms. Visit for more info.  You may also want to register for a PIN at

In February start your search for scholarships. Check to see what is your state's financial aid deadline. Some are as early as March 1st. 

In April  discuss the financial aid package from each school with your family.  Calculate how much is still needed. Decide if you need a private loan or  more scholarships to make ends meet. Remember to include the cost of  books which can add $700 to $1200 a semester. 

Borrowing from Your 401(k) Think Twice: It Could Cost You

Pros & Cons of Borrowing from your 401(k)

Paying for College

You will be paying your school a  very large sum  of money, so you better be happy with your choice of  school and the career that comes after it. Make sure the tuition is  affordable before you set your heart on one that is really out of reach.  

The college board's research indicates that you may want to work during high school to start saving. College Board Work Guidance
Visine Students Scholarship Program
National Hispanic Health Foundation Scholarship Program
College  Scholarships and Grants Available for Veterans
American Psychological  Association Scholarships, Grants and Awards
Microsoft College Scholarships
The Hometeam Homecare Scholarship
State Farm Grants & Scholarships
The  Rover College Scholarship
NSHSS  Foundation STEM Scholarships
Scholarships and Fellowships | UNCF Merck Science  Initiative
2015 Green Home Improvement  Scholarship 

Look for a part time job!

Don't expect that a college scholarship is going to solve all your  money problems.  Learn here about the many aspects of financing college tuition. You'll need income from a part time job too besides financial aid.  Try your college job center and these job sites:

Dept of Ed. Work Study Programs

Do a job for $5.00

Simply Hired Part Time Jobs

She Knows P/T Jobs

Colorado Christian University named the #1 college in CO for the lowest average student loan debt at graduation in a study of over 1,300 schools in US. 

Be prepared to pay off your student loans.

Ask your guidance counselor for a job forecast report.  IMPORTANT: also ask  to be tested to find out the kind of job for which you are best suited.  Note: new bankruptcy laws will not allow student aid debt to be forgiven.   Be prepared to pay off your loans in full.  Yea, it's scary,  but good  financial advisors will tell you it is worth it to borrow for a job  targeted education.  Don't worry - you can do it.  Have faith in  yourself.  

Be  sure to choose a major you  like and which is employable (e.g. not Art  History or Journalism).  Check the employment ads where you want to live  and see the kinds of skills which employers  need. 


Check out job sites such as to see what is in demand now.

Look at job forecasts to see what will be in demand when you graduate. See Career


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