For New Grads

What is next after college?

What are you going to do after graduation?   Will you go to work, go to grad school, move to a new city? How do you figure out God's will for your life?

Job Hunting

How do you find a great job you will enjoy?  Do you want to work for a large or small company?  Can you telecommute for them?


How do you find affordable housing? 

" Many students throughout the country are saying "no" to boring cafeteria food and high-partying dorm lives. "

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How do you write a resume?

Help with your resume:

OK, it's time for you to do some of your own research: google "how do I get my resume noticed?"

Want to be a Freelancer?

Want to start a business? Have an idea whose time has come?  Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Life FAQs for the Real World

 See Twentysomething Surviving and Thriving in the Real World by Margaret Feinberg. Her book is full of pertinent questions, answers, and practical advice.