The Truth About Postmodernism - There is Absolute Truth!

The Fallacies of Postmodernism


If  one had the grit,  one can argue  that a class in  postmodernism can not be graded.  After all, if the final exam grade the professor gives you is only his version of the truth, it's not automatically valid for you.  His version of the truth  shouldn't really matter to you. It is only  his opinion of your performance. Therefore, a bad grade from the  professor  is not valid in your construction of reality!  After all, you  define yourself as a member of a different local community: that of a college student. Since truth and reality only extend to the borders of  local communities, they are outside your local construct. 

So  if you are a gutsy person, show up at your professor's office after the final exam and joke that you deserve an "A" because  if they gave you  a lesser grade it only represents their opinion of the true value of your exam paper. Hey, we're not supposed to be making truth claims here are we? How can a professor teach  that there are no truth statements one minute, and then turn around and  hand over the grades to the dean the next minute, declaring them to be a  true analysis of your performance? Having shown  that postmodernism is not a practical theory for colleges to teach, since it contradicts their grading system, you  deserve kudos just  for listening to the nonsensical prattling of Post World War II French philosophers all semester. After all  "I'm paying a lot of  money to be educated! Give me something I can use in real life. Don't waste my time and money." 

Unfortunately,  although it is philosophically sound inπŸ“·   principle, you'd have to know the professor pretty well to joke around  with your final grade. 

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