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Our Focus is a non-denominational Christian ministry which prays for the needs of college students.  Next event is Nov 4th, 2018 International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP). 

Intl Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church Nov 4th 2018

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 We are Christians interested in praying for the needs of Christian students.   While our primary purpose is to pray,  we also want to encourage students directly by sending out Christian items such as books or music to those  interested. 

We do not distribute materials to those  who are not interested or are not on our mailing list by choice. For campuses which do not have on site resources, we do fundraising  to enable First years to receive encouraging resources. This could be a fun bag of books, music, a toy, and a small easy to read Bible.  We also raise money to  help send students to Christian conferences, such as Urbana, or on short term missions trips. We also have sponsored concerts by Christian musicians. 

We bring in speakers.  We view the prayers, help and encouragement we provide to students to be a tremendous investment in the  kingdom of God. We wish to be a stabilizing force in the lives of  students who are away from home, family, church, and friends.  We also help with the fund raising efforts of new Christian college ministry workers by connecting them with the Christian alumni.  

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