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Visit your top 3 choices when they are in session. Visit a dorm and off campus housing too.  You might not like all the noise, chaos or drugs and want to live off campus.  Did you feel safe at the dorm you visited?   Ask to see the school's Sexual Misconduct policy. Will it protect you?  Find a roommate.  

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Learn How to Speed Read

Get up to speed!  

Get your reading speed up to over 600 words a  minute. You'll have to do a lot of reading no matter what, so learn to speed read before college.

How to Speed Read with Comprehension

Choose Safe Housing

Unfortunately 25% of women in dorms are raped during a 4 year program.   These crimes are not prosecuted or discussed in the media for fear of bad publicity.  The schools will not admit it  - but the counselors and healthcare professionals know. 

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Why Choose a Christian College?

According  to the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities,, 82%  of CCCU alumni say they personally benefited from their college's emphasis on personal values and ethics."  


Aptitude Testing & Career Guidance

Start with career aptitude testing with your your high school guidance counselor.  Ask your for a job forecast.  IMPORTANT: ask to be tested to find out the kind of job for which you are best suited. 

Career plans: Big

Online Education: Online College Plan

Ability Potentials Inc. 

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 College Admission Profiles A To Z 

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God wants you to maximize your abilities

Where do you go to do that?

What should I look for in a university?    

What is your desired end result: a job or graduate school?   If you are pre-med, then check out the percentage of the graduates from the college who are  accepted into medical school. Is is 40% or 90%? If 90% are accepted,  then you can be sure they will do a good job of preparing you. 

If you go the secular route, brace yourself for a confusing  onslaught of education without a foundation of truth. Strongly  anti-Christian views dominate  secular campuses as they are commonly run by far left wing liberals.  A political  hidden agenda dominates college course contents. A strong Christian fellowship group is a must.  See our Ministries page to find out student ministries on your campus. 

Can I choose my roommate?

Your first year roommate will affect your college experience. A few wise colleges  offer a roommate matching service for incoming freshman. Georgetown has  a online service named CHARMS which gives the students the opportunity  to choose their own roommate. A few others use a service called Webroomz.  Ask the admissions department of your top choices for details.