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Please limit your request to 100 words or less.  Do not give last names or other identifying information. For example, refer to someone as a sophomore girl, a senior boy, or a faculty member.

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Prayer Hacks

Power Hints for Prayers

The  key to getting your prayers answered is to pray according to God's will.  See John 15:7 where it says "If you abide in me and my words  abide in you, you shall ask what you will and it shall be done unto  you."   Notice that there are conditions under which God answers prayer.  The first condition specified in this verse is that He answers our  prayers if we are abiding in Him. Well what does that mean?  I think it  is living in a close relationship with Him and having a complete  willingness to want only what he wants. Ask God to show you when you are  focusing on yourself and don't even realize it.

Secondly,  according to John 15:7, He answers our prayers if we know His word  (what's in the Bible) and ask in keeping with what the Bible says.  If the Bible says not to do something, we are NOT to pray for an exception to do what God said not to do. 

If  the Bible says we need to do something, (like love our neighbor), we  are to pray for the strength and wisdom to do just that. 

"Pray only as much as is in your heart, and do not stretch what you do pray beyond reality." Watchman Nee


"Likewise  the Spirit supports us [takes hold with us] in our weakness, for we do  not even know how to pray as we should but the Spirit himself makes  intercession for us with sighings [groans] unutterable." Rom 8:26 Rhm 

Are your prayer requests aligned to the Word of God?

 When no council is taken, plans miscarry; But when there are many advisers, they succeed. Prov. 15:22 

Why are some prayers not answered?

There are multiple reasons why prayers are not  answered.  There are 4 basic answers to prayer: 'yes', 'no', 'wait', and  "Yes,  but nobody is obeying me to get it done for you". If you get a "no" to something you think  you really need, it may be  that it is in somehow a selfish prayer. If  you are puzzled, simply pray for wisdom.

You ask and fail to get because you ask with the wrong motives. James 4:3

Think of it this way, imagine yourself as  a new employee whose job it is to think up new projects.  Your boss  says "Get your work done and let me know if you need anything."  So you  ask him for a million dollars.  What is he going to do?   He'll ask you  what are you going to do with my money?  If you say "I'm going to buy a  yacht for myself", then your plan is not  to build your employers  business at all. He'll think you're crazy to  waste his money like that.  Not only will you not get the million dollars, you'll get fired because you didn't have your bosses best interest in mind.

But let's say you are a wise employee who  understand what his boss wants to achieve.  You  ask for a million  dollars for an advertising campaign for one of his new condo buildings.  You project the return on your investment to be 125%. You get the  million dollars and a raise! 


So then, when you ask God for something,  ask for the things that are needed to build God's kingdom on earth. Why?  Be  interested in what God wants to do. It is really  pretty simple in concept. But it is not so simple to rearrange our  hearts to want what God wants. We need God's help with that. So ask for  help with your heart  first.

If you are asking for the right things,  and your prayers are still not answered, it could be that you need to  wait for God's timing. Or it is possible that someone else is disobeying  God and holding things up. I heard a sad country song recently that  concluded that God must be busy since He wasn't answering his prayer.  Well it is much more likely that other people are too busy to listen to  what God wants them to do. Or other people may be unwilling to do what  God is asking them to do. Don't blame God for that. God respects a  persons right to make their own decisions. Decisions have consequences  and when we make a decision, we choose the consequences, even if we do  not properly anticipate the consequences!

Prayer FAQs

If God knows everything, then why do we have to pray? 

Well do you know everything?  No?  Then  maybe you should talk to someone who does. Prayer is not about being  religious. It's about having a relationship with God and communicating  with Him.

Is anyone really listening? 

YES!! God is very interested in  what you have to say. He has great plans for your life. He wants you to  be happy. He wants you to know more about Him.  He loves you very much. You can't feel it, but He does.

I get distracted or fall asleep when I pray. How do I stay focused? 

  It helps to open your Bible and read a  chapter to get your mind on God's will.  It takes practice. It helps if  you are really concerned about the need of the person for which you are  praying. It is harder to pray for a list of people you do not know and  are not connected to. If you can't stay awake, then walk around when you  pray. Don't lie in bed and pray if you tend to just fall asleep. 

Sometimes God will give you a burden to pray for  someone specifically. This is not easy at first because it weighs down  your heart, hence the name burden. So you pray until the burden goes  away. You'll know you are done praying when the burden lifts. 

 I am afraid to pray out loud. 

That is OK.  God will hear your silent  prayer just the same.  It took me a long time to feel I could pray out  loud in a group of people. I was afraid I would say something stupid.  Just remember, you are not talking to the other people in the room. 

 Hate prayer cliches? 

Be careful to not be critical about how  other people pray. If prayer cliches annoy you, fine - don't use them.  Don't let your critical attitude hurt other people.  It's not your job  to police how other people pray.

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