Creating a Plan for College

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Not sure where you're headed? Visit your top 3 choices when they are in session. Visit a dorm too!  You might not like the noise or environment. You might want to live off campus.

Did you feel safe at the dorm you visited? Unfortunately 25% of women in dorms are raped during a 4 year program.  These crimes are not prosecuted for fear of publicity. Neither will the school admit to it - but the school counselors and healthcare professionals know!

Preparing for your Studies

Important: before going to college, take a speed reading course! Get your reading speed up to over 600 words a minute. You'll have to do a lot of reading no matter what.

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Create a Plan for your Education

Everything you need to create a plan:

Help with your plan: Big

Planning your Online Education: Online College Plan

Sacred or Secular?

Sacred or Secular?

What are the reasons for both?

Why choose a Christian college?

According to the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities,, "82 percent of CCCU alumni say they personally benefited from their college's emphasis on personal values and ethics."

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Christian Connector


Paying for a College Education

You will be paying this school a huge amount of money, so you need to be happy with your choice for the next 4 years. Don't expect that a scholarship is going to solve all your money problems. On the other hand, don't think it is impossible either. If God really wants you to go to a particular school, He can provide the money, a loan, a job, or more likely a combination of all three.

Where to look for financial aid

What should I look for in a university?

What is your desired end result: a degree which can get you a job or an education which will get you into graduate school? How well will a college prepare you for what you want to do? If you are pre-med, then check out the percentage of the graduates from the college who are accepted into medical school. Is is 40% or 90%? If 90% are accepted, then you can be sure they will do a good job of preparing you.

If you do decide to go the secular route, brace yourself for the confusing onslaught of education without a foundation of truth. Strongly anti-Christian views dominate world views on campuses that are commonly run by far left wing liberals politically. A strong political hidden agenda dominates college course contents. It is not balanced at all. So, a strong Christian fellowship group is a must. See the links on our our Resources page to find out what student ministries are on a campus.

Can I choose my roommate?

A few colleges offer a roommate matching service for incoming freshman. Georgetown has a online service named CHARMS which gives the students the opportunity to choose their own roommate. A few others use a service called Webroomz. Ask the admissions department of your top choices for details.

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