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If the Bible is true, then we can fearlessly investigate its claims.   The Bible claims that God created the universe and all living creatures.  In the 21st century this sounds like a myth to most people who grew up being taught the theory of evolution.   Here we make an effort to investigate one of the biggest questions of life: "How did we get here?"  This page is an ongoing journey into this question.  We intend to cite scientific articles of note.   Science must be unprejudiced in the face of hard evidence.  We will discuss worthwhile questions posed by evolution, Intelligent Design and Creationism.

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Very rare German marine reptile found in Cretaceous Is this evidence significant?

In the end does it just come down to faith ?  No one has all the answers.   Below we ask some hard questions that your Biology teacher never would ask. 

A Logistical Look at Evolution
How did two sexes evolve? and How did the first cell evolve?

First let's look at what evolution claims about complexity:

- That all the parts of a cell evolved including chromosomes, cell walls, cell membranes, DNA, RNA, cell nuclei, and mitochondria

- That the first cell evolved

- That once  the first cell evolved, multi-cell organisms evolved.

- That once the first multi cellular organisms evolved, all the rest of the 5 million to 100 million species evolved.

- That sex evolved out of asexual beings.  This requires the evolution of two separate and continuously compatible systems simultaneously evolving randomly but in perfect synchronization as well. 

What is the problem here?

What are the odds that a compatible sperm and egg evolved as mutations in the same generation?  This seems to be problematic.   The chances that two compatible sexes arose out of mutations at the same time and location in one generation is well, hard to believe.  After all, if one sex evolved before another, it could not have reproduced on its own. 

Studies show that sexual reproduction has advantages but a study on the evolution of life by the University of Oxford presupposes that sexual reproduction itself could have arisen in the time which has passed since the universe began.  Common sense and simple math do not suggest this! The majority of plants and animals reproduce sexually (Wikipedia, "The Evolution of Sexual Reproduction"). The above Wikipedia article on the evolution of sex conveniently avoids the whole core issue and offers no explanation of the origin of two sexual systems.  As both a computer scientist and a biologist I will testify that interoperable systems do not happen quickly or by accident.

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The Unbelievable Pace of Evolution

Let's say, for purposes of discussion, that we are going to create a computer simulation of evolution and outline the steps that had to happen during the last 13.73 billion years in order to explain life as having been derived solely from chance events and non-life.  Has there been enough time for all the species to have evolved?  We think not. Your biology professor did not ever address how the first cell evolved.  It is taken for granted.  The working parts (organelles) and chemical reactions inside a cell are extremely complex.  They are not blobs.  How did chromosomes evolve? How did a mitochondria evolve? There are many levels of complexity which are not being addressed. An article on Early Evolution says "It was a billion years after life appeared before the cell."  This article is using a definition of life that has not been clarified. Something has to be able to reproduce in order to be considered alive. So what is this life they refer to before cells?  This article is on thin ice and at least they admit it.  Poof! We have bacteria they conclude.  They never convincingly connect the first organic compounds to the formation of a living cell.

By the accepted definition of life, even viruses are not considered to be alive as viruses need cells in which to reproduce, so they could not be the life referred to by the Early Evolution article. There could not have been viruses as we know them without cells first. 

Survival of the Fakest  The truth about your kid's science textbooks.

'Science now knows that many of the pillars of Darwinian theory are either false or misleading. Yet biology texts continue to present them as factual evidence of evolution. What does this imply about their scientific standards?'





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How many species evolved?

Ammonite Fossil





"Though taxonomists have been cataloging plants and animals for more than 250 years, they still have no exact answer to the question, 'How many species are on Earth? ... “It’s a very simple question, but we have no simple answer,” Fisher said.  There are somewhere between 5 million and 100 million species on this planet.  ( How did they get here? Did the balance of nature evolve out of dust, gas and chaos? 

Our goal here is to come up with questions that challenge evolution. Is the basis for the theories on the evolution of the first cell feasible and sound?  We could find no real scientific work or papers being done in the area of cell evolution. It is treated as a foregone conclusion.

Doesn't evolution free us of any obligations to God ? 

If we were not created, then we owe God nothing. We can live any way our society tolerates. If we were created, then we owe God our very existence and it follows logically that we need to pay attention to what God says about how we live our lives. 

God said that we were created male and female in Genesis 1:27 The ramifications of this statement are enormous for it greatly complicates the ontology of evolution. One sex evolving is plausible. Two sexes evolving simultaneously is not plausible for reasons of interoperability. See the article at left.  

 Archaeopterix fossil

Is the Cambrian Explosion in keeping with what we cold expect out of an evolutionary process?  Did too much happen too fast?

How long does it take a species to evolve?

Crinoid Socialis Fossils

"Speciation is the evolutionary process by which new biological species arise". Wikipedia on Speciation 

How old is the universe? The website says that the universe is "13.7 billion years old, with an uncertainty of only 1%".  How old is the earth? The earth is said to be about 4.5 - 4.6 billion years old. The oldest fossil is said to be about 3.5 billion years old.

Given that population geneticists say that beneficial  heritable mutations (mutations which will be inherited) different enough to create a new species  occur about once every million years, that gives us time for only 4,500 beneficial and heritable mutations since the earth began.  Whatever number you plug in for the Speciation rate, is 3.5 billion years enough time?   I think that this is not enough time for even a flying insect to have evolved , much less 10 million species evolving from nothing but molten rock. 

Remember cells are very complex and have very complex biochemical reactions. In order for evolution to be true, life had to have come from not just lower forms of life, but from a universe without any genetic material and without any complex organic material for the big bang theory to be correct.  In other words, a reasonable man would conclude that explosions are not too conducive for creating life. 

Giant hand designing complex spheres
What about the theory of Intelligent Design?  Who was the designer and where did this entity come from? Since it is possible that there has not been enough time for life to have evolved here, the only scientific conclusion is that it evolved elsewhere if it evolved at all, or it was created by an intelligent being.   See Intelligent Design (ID) is not the same as Creationism.   It is absolutely not a religion as some judges claim.  A student should be permitted to study the evidence of all three belief systems. What is to be feared by ignoring any of them?

How is it that insects and birds came to be able to fly?  Pairs of balanced wings sound more like engineering to me than random evolution.  I don't think that it is likely that anything would evolve a pair of equal and mirror image wings. In winged insects, crinkled wings are recessive not dominant.  That seems very counter intuitive.

And while we are at it, why is it that schools absolutely refuse to teach or even mention intelligent design despite the petitioning of educated and respected scientists in 2005?

Palaeontologists admit that the dirty little trade secret of their science is that the actual fossil record does not show upper phyla evolving from the lower phyla. All the phyla were present in the Cambrian period.  In actuality, the "tree" of evolution you have been seeing since junior high school has no proof of the lines between the nodes on the branches.

Are the missing links still missing?

Yes, Dr. Leakey prior to his death indicated that his find, originally named Zinjanthropus in 1959, found in Olduvai, Tanzania was that of an ape, Australopithecus.  His find was sensationalized by National Geographic which had paid for the expedition. Another find by Johann C. Fuhlrott called Neanderthal man, found in 1859 in Germany has been reclassified as fully human, Homo sapiens. Java man found by Eugene Dubois in 1891 in Trinil, Java was later reclassified by him to be a large gibbon. Peking Man found in China in 1912 by David Bolack disappeared in 1941 when moved from Peking by a U. S. Marine detachment.   Nebraska Man found in 1922 by Harold Cook in Western Nebraska consisted of only one tooth.  In 1927 the tooth was reclassified as belonging to an extinct pig, much to the embarrassment of many.  Even worse, the Piltdown man skull fragment and teeth found in 1912 by Charles Dawson in England were examined carefully with fluoride tests in 1950 and found to be a fraud stained with iron salts.  The bones are recent and not 500,000 years old.  All we can really conclude from the above evidence is that mankind selfishly and egotistically strives for fame. If evolution is true there should be hundreds of missing links.

Chrysanthemum Stone
The Cambrian explosion has not been explained from a statistical or a genetic standpoint.  How did so many creatures evolve in only 80 million years?
What really happened?  If evolution is bad science, and even worse math, how did all 5 to 100 million species get here? 

What we all can agree on regardless of our belief system is that there is a fossil record.  What can we learn from the fossil record?  It is a puzzle that should not be solved by foregone conclusions of belief. Be it an unwavering belief in evolution or a unwavering belief in creation, we should look at the well reasoned, feasible science that is seen in the fossil record.   The fossil record does not show slow transition from simple to complex predicted by Darwin or by population genetics. It shows rapid progress across all phyla occurring quickly.  Purely out of defense, evolutionists have labeled this Punctuated Equilibrium. But labeling provides no real explanation of the mechanisms behind this rationale of Speciation. Instead you'll find that if you look carefully, science gets "lost in the weeds" with terminology and basically stops there. It labels and goes no further to satisfy a curious mind. 

crinoid fossil

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Q.  Were the people in Genesis actual historical people or are these just myths too? By the way, where did Cain get his wife?

A. It is supposed that Cain married a sister or a niece as Adam and Eve had sons and daughters (Gen 5:4).  The prohibition against incest was not given until much later (Lev. 18:6-18). However, who's to say that God did not just create a wife for him like he did for Adam?   

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