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Conference Calls

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May 4th THURSDAY at 8 pm EST.

If you are not on our email list, send your email address to:

Colgate Call Agenda

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I plead with you, because of God's compassions, to offer your very selves to Him: a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service of worship. Rom 12:1

He takes what we present Him (Rom 12:1) and from the basis of a heart at leisure from itself He can pour out His blessings to others. Oswald Chambers

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What kind of prayers are there?

There are prayers of thanksgiving, confession of sin, petition, intercession, imprecatory (cursing an enemy), adoration, restitution,unity, faith, submission, forgiveness, and praise.

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Try to make an effort to keep your communication fresh and avoid cliches when possible.


Conference Call Information

How to Join Us

If you are on our list, you will receive an invitation to join the conference call. This will contain the phone number to call, (435) 855-1600, the date and time to call, and the access password to enter. When you dial in, it will prompt you for your password. Enter the password 4924805 followed by the # key. When you hear a beep, say your name to introduce yourself.

How to Mute your Phone

To prevent your background noise from being heard by all attendees, press your 6 key once. To un-mute press the 6 key again.

Is this a toll free number? What does it cost?

No this is not a toll free call. You are responsible for paying for your call to the dial in number for the conference, which is area code (435). But it will allow us to pray together as a group for the first time ever!!

How does this call work? 

The web site is making this possible by letting us use their "bridge". This is an expensive piece of telecommunications equipment which enables up to 150 callers to be on the same phone call. You do not have to go to this web site to sign up for this call.

What other keys can I press on my phone?

The 3 key will exit you from the conference. The 4 key is for conference instructions which is the menu of touchtone instructions.

Conference Call Etiquette

Many people use these conference calls every day on their job. For those of us who don't here are some things to keep in mind. Unless you are muted, everyone will be able to hear your background noise. So if your dog is barking or if you have to cough, press the 6 key once to mute your phone. When you speak say your name and then start talking, being sure to be succinct. If you are praying you do not have to announce your name every time.

Our leaders: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Our workers: Those invited and others whom the Lord may send.
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