Put on The Whole Armor of God

The Belt of Truth

Ephesians 6: 10-14

10. I have no more to say, brethren, except this, draw your strength from the Lord, from that mastery which his power supplies.

11. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the cunning of the devil.

12. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world., against spiritual wickedness in high places.

13. Therefore take up with you to the battle the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand the attack [stand your ground] in the evil day, and having done all, to stand [and still be found on your feet when all the task is over].

14. Stand your ground therefore, having fastened around your waist the belt of truth.

Compiled from The WORD The Bible From 26 Translations


The way of God is perfect. the LORD's word has stood the test:
He is a shield to all who trust in him.
Psalm 18:30

For what God is there but the Lord? And who is a secure foundation apart from our God? It is he who girds me with strength, bids me go on my way untroubled. [makes my progress easy]
Psalm 18:31-32


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What is Postmodernism? Postmodernism

Metal sculpture of man discussing issuesWe recommend the book by Stanley Grenz A Primer on Postmodernism.

Put on the Belt of Truth

What if you were on a battle field with no armor or weapons and a fierce Roman warrior was charging at you.  He has a sharp sword, a complete set of armor, and the confidence and skills to use them.  You have this sinking feeling that you’re dead meat.  RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!  You aren't ready for battle yet.  You can't defend yourself with out armor and weapons!

When someone ridicules us for our faith, do we shrink back smarting from the wound?  How do we get ready for battle? When someone says that Christianity is narrow minded and that there are many different ways to God, do we get a splitting head ache from the verbal volley to the head?  Resolve in your heart and mind that you will be better prepared next time.   Ephesians chapter 6:10-24 outlines how.

The first piece of a Roman soldier's armor mentioned here in Ephesians is the belt of truth. This belt was not an adornment but a highly functional piece which secured the other pieces of armor. It was more like a tool belt than a dress belt as it held their sword. This securing piece of equipment is likened to the truth and reliability of the Bible. The in-working and out-working of truth in your life can be equated to the integrity of a Christian's life. Are you hearing God? Are you practicing what you preach?  If people are taking a hard look at Christianity by evaluating you, they will pay close attention to both your words and how you live your life. Incomplete armor means incomplete protection. Non Christians will attack a person's integrity to discredit them. Alternately, they attack the belt of truth's very existence. Postmodern philosophy denies that such a belt can even exist philosophically as they do not believe in universal truth.

One way to attack Christianity is to attack the reliability of the Bible. In the late 20th century this type of criticism was in vogue on college campuses. Philosophy and Religion professors preached about the myths and errors in the Bible.  But this approach got old so they now philosophize on multiple world views and how each person can construct their own truths. Well they are the professors and you're just a student. They have been set up as authorities over you by reason of their job function. Aren't they supposed to be right?  Nope, not necessarily, if you stop to think about it.  They are only as reliable as their construction of truth. If the philosophy of Relativism is to be believed, they are only relatively true. As Christians we leave the responsibility of constructing reality to God, who is the only one I know who is truly qualified to do the job.

Be assured that for every denouncement of the Bible they come up with, there is an answer.  Your college is probably not teaching you any of these answers though! True education means that all the points of view are presented and given equal respect. But you don't see this happening do you? Their version of diversity stops where Christianity starts. The simple fact that the Christian view point is not being presented should be enough to embarrass any professor who thought they believed in diversity. Their notion of diversity doesn't include Christianity. Their mission instead is to destroy your belt of truth. If they can succeed at destroying the belt of truth, they are off the hook as far as the requirements of God's law is concerned. The hidden agenda of this whole philosophical struggle is about getting out of being responsible for our own personal behavior. After all we want to do what we want to do. We are selfish. We want pleasure, power, and convenience. But there is the problem of a nagging conscience, so we must somehow destroy guilt. If we destroy truth we can easily destroy God's requirements and our guilt along with it.

Another ridiculous accusation is to declare that Biblical views are not valid as they are only held by a few of the radical right. Well, that just isn't true. The Bible will be around for an eternity after Postmodernism is on the scrap heap of useless theories.

Fortunately, attacks on Christianity can be anticipated and refuted.  Just go to a good four year Bible college before daring to take a Philosophy & Religion course at a secular college.  Whoops - can’t do that?  Well, it looks like they have got the odds stacked in their favor.  But actually I feel sorry for them.  They have no more integrity than the people who run the side shows at county fairs.  You remember the carnival men who have the booth with the basketball hoops. If you make 3 baskets in a row, you get a huge stuffed bear. It seems so easy but before you give them your money, check out the size of the hoop and you’ll find that it’s smaller than a regulation basketball hoop.

 Likewise, these professors are running their philosophical side shows with out regulation size truth.  No wonder you can’t “make baskets” arguing with them.  You need more training so you can enlarge the hoop with conservative scholarly view points and well reasoned arguments.  To do this you must do your homework. Check out the web site at www.boundless.org.  Also check out Robby Zacharias’ ministry page at www.rzim.org.  There are many articles at both places on how to intelligently respond to their arguments. Feel like you can't win? I think in the final analysis, professors are looking for an intelligent and well researched response.  They want to see the quality of your thought processes.  So give them quality.  Do your research and line up your logic in an organized fashion.

Is truth absolute or relative?
The anti-Christian post modernist culture present on secular campuses across the country is infertile, dry, rocky soil for Christian growth. Find an oasis!
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